October 18, 2014

garden rosesThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Earlier this week, I asked Brave what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said, “I wanted to be a dancer, but I don’t want to dress immodest, so I think I’ll be a scientist.”

It’s been so great having the girls learn Spanish with Ben’s mom via FaceTime.

This blog has been such an encouragement for my weary heart.

Thankful for feeling crappy because it made me realize I need more Jesus.

I’m so happy there is a really good place to get boba milk tea near our home. I’ve been indulging at least once a week.

I ordered these headphones and have been loving them! The girls use them when playing computer learning games, and I use them when listening or watching something in bed.

This wooden drummer set is so cute!

We want to make this painted leaf art.

Don’t forget to check out my recent projects for A Beautiful Mess: Woodland Creatures Felt Masks, Braided Rope Basket, ¬†and Three Easy Halloween Projects!

Enjoy the weekend!!!


5 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Charissa - The Gifted Blog says:

    I really like Brave’s career thoughts so far. So sweet.

  • That leaf art is so cute! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • I think that is beautiful about the immodesty thing. She can be a modest dancer though!
    I think that is so helpful that they have family members who will be able to help them speak Spanish and that in learning it they can feel closer to their own roots too. Will you have them learn Filipino as well?

    • Rubyellen says:

      True, but it is so hard these days. The costumes girls wear in high school dance troops are so inappropriate, at least the ones we’ve seen.

      I understand Tagalog completely, but since it’s been years since I’ve been constantly exposed to it, I’m afraid when I speak it, it sounds so bad now. I’ve been picking up Spanish a little now that the girls have really been serious about it with their grandma. I hope it becomes more natural for our family to use.

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