diy: homemade thank you cards

November 24, 2014

thank you cardsHomemade Thank You Cards

Thank You Card Printable
Various paints

Print out the cards onto cardstock and cut it across the middle horizontally. First, paint any design you might want behind the words, and allow that to dry completely. Then, fill in the words with paint or marker (or fill in lettering with paint).

I used watercolor on most of them, and others I used black paint, with a very fine paint brush, to fill it in. Using marker would work to fill in the lettering too. Honestly, I just enjoy making my own cards, and you don’t really need much direction with these. Just print them out and have fun! I prefer homemade cards over store bought ones. Once upon a time, I wanted to make my own line of cards (way back in college when Ben and I just started dating and I was even making my own paper!).

thank you cardsthank you cardsthank you cardsthank you cardsthank you cardsI don’t think I let the people in my life know exactly why I’m thankful for them, so this week the girls and I are going to sit down, and write out thank you cards for our loved ones (and mail them out too!). I’ll let them decorate their own and write their own messages. They are always sending letters to their Grandmama, so I’m sure they will love this challenge.


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