enjoying our first homegrown pomegranates

November 10, 2014

pomegranate treepomegranate treepomegranate treepomegranate treepomegranate treeWe finally got to enjoy our first homegrown pomegranates! We only had two, but there are three more that will be ready in a few weeks. Hopefully, as the tree matures, we will get to enjoy many more.

It was planted two years ago in this large container,  but Ben has plans to transfer it into the ground in the next few months. The variety we have is a Parfianka and its seeds are supposedly a bit softer than the traditional supermarket variety, Wonderful.

At Ben’s most recent California Rare Fruit Growers Association meeting, they discussed pomegranates. He’s been taking the girls with him to his last couple meetings because they like sitting and listening to the talks (they bring their own things to work on because they eventually zone out). They had these pomegranate de-seeders available for purchase, but they sold out, so Ben ordered it from Amazon (this is the one).

We aren’t typically kitchen gadget people, but this works pretty well. You halve it, score it five times on each rim, put a half pomegranate on top of the gadget at a time, pound with a spoon, and all the seeds come out. For these beginners, it took closer to 120 seconds, as opposed to the 60 seconds advertised, but it is still the fastest we have ever been able to take apart a pomegranate. We love pomegranates, but the only draw back is how tedious they can be to get their fruit. What are your tips in de-seeding a pomegranate?


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