December 6, 2014

christmasingThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

A couple weeks ago, Soul and Glow had a cold, and now it’s Brave’s turn. Praying it doesn’t pass on to anyone else!

I would like to make a healthier version of this cheesy bacon jalapeƱo corn dip.

My felt floral head wreaths (or for hanging) are available for purchase from Misha Lulu here.

Thankful for our Soul and her fifth birthday!

I’m one spoiled mama. Ben and the girls threw me a surprise Rockin’ Mommy Day last weekend. Seriously, their “Jailhouse Rock” is so awesome.

All the Christmas decorations are up! I’d like to make a larger version of the dowel Christmas tree I made last year, if there’s time, but otherwise, it’s feeling festive up in here! #christmasingalldayeveryday

I’m done wrapping presents. Woot! Woot! Well, a few more are still coming in the mail, but the majority is done!

I ordered this cutesy planner for next year. I debated between this one (simpler), but I thought for 10 dollars less, I could do with all the cute graphics.

How was your week this week? It was hard coming off Thanksgiving break, and then someone getting sick (and a birthday), our schooling schedule’s been off. I’m that with homeschooling things can be flexible and we can always do school on the weekends when we need time to catch up!

Happy weekend friends! And don’t forget if you want some pretty antique jewelry for yourself (or a loved one), check out Jean Jean Vintage and use coupon code CAKIES15 for 15% off this weekend!


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