July 18, 2015

She's all up in the bouquet breathing deep. That's what happens when lavender is involved. #playingflorist #yeswayj0seThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

How cute is this teepee?!

Love this outfit!

Love this “A Both-And Woman and Her Bible”… “God is secretly weaving together a beautiful tapestry, even though it may look like a miserable mess form our mistaken vantage point.”

Things Filipino Moms Say vs. What They Mean is so funny. My mom didn’t really say those things, but we had a Filipino nanny live with us for a long time while we were growing up (she became a third grandma to us), and she did most of those things. While my ability to speak Tagalog has diminished over the years, I still understand it completely (and can read it fine).

True and Brave would have a hoot coming up with funny faces like this.

Thankful for this special time with Soul and Glow. We miss the big girls, but it’s given Soul an opportunity to step up as big sister of the house, and we’ve seen a lot of tenderness from her towards Glow.

I need to start ordering curriculum for the coming school year. I am not ready for summer to end!

Still in summer wear over here, but these are cute fall boots.

I am so thankful for our church family and how God is teaching all of us grace. We can totally be messy together and point each other back to Jesus.

Our good friends are getting married today and I am so happy for them! I love seeing how God brings people together for his glory.

Happy weekend everyone!


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