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July 17, 2015

#restandrisesummerI’ve been reading Church History in Plain Language (totally not done as it is quite a heavy read) and these are a few things that I highlighted…

“Conformity, not distinctiveness, is the way to a trouble free life.”

“But to the Christians these gods were nothing, and their denial of them marked the followers of Jesus as “enemies of the human race.””

“One simply could not reject the gods with tough arousing scorn as a social misfit.”

“In short, the early Christian was almost young to divorce himself from the social and economic life of his time- if he wanted to be true to his Lord. This mean that everywhere the Christian turned his life and faith were on display because the gospel introduced a revolutionary new attitude toward human life.”

Most of those quotes are in one of the first chapters discussing the Christians in the early church around 200 A.D.. The statements are bold, but refreshing. They scare the heck out of me, but also brings me comfort. Another phrase that really struck my heart is from this Girl Talk blog post, “home-life set to the soundtrack of scripture.” That phrase has become my prayer these last couple months, and I’ve been asking God to give me a love for His word, grace, and the gospel. Also, that it wouldn’t just stop there, but that I would teach that to my daughters. I want God’s word to be on repeat in my heart and home all the time.

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