July 25, 2015

Nice to see you again Golden Gate. #goldengatebridge #michaelsmakersThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Thankful for a restful month with the two girls. It is definitely much easier to take care of two than four, but I’m ready for the crazy to ensue.

I’m thankful for friends who extend grace and gospel to me when my heart desperately needs it (which is everyday).

I want an occasion to make a pretty cake like this.

We got this hanging light installed in our room. It was actually in the big girls’ room, but I thought it would look better in ours (and less chance of them poking a hole in it), so we got them a new light for their room.

This origami playhouse is insane. I want to make this!

Would someone please make this ferrero rocher mousse cake for me?

I have a Madewell gift card that I have been hoarding and I’m thinking about getting these flares.

We have 3 weeks of vacation left, and I’m not quite ready to get back into the swing of school things. I’m ready for more adventures before we get our nose back in the books. I hope the next 3 weeks pass ever so slowly!

If you follow me on instagram (@cakiesblog), you know I’m in San Francisco with Michaels for their Makers Summit. Later though, I’ll be making my way from San Francisco to San Antonio to get my big girls and take them home with me! Yippee!


One comment on “huzzah!”

  • Anne says:

    The first Monday back to work when my son returned from his vacay with the inlaws…I was BEAT. I’m so used to the craziness of my 3, that having one less was quite a big difference, and when it went back to my normal I was totally wiped out that first day. My oldest is also the biggest personality of the 3, so I’m sure that also has something to do with it.
    Hope your reunion was fantastic!

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