artists at work

October 23, 2015

The girls worked on a giant canvas we started a couple months ago. We finally got back to it this week and the whole thing is all them (I did give direction on color and direction of paintbrush strokes). As they were working, I was a little nervous and unsure of the outcome. Letting kids go to town on a giant canvas is a real good lesson in learning how to release control and just let them be. They are much more talented than me, and the rawness that comes out in the artwork of children is just beautiful and unique. Thus, I figured it’s better to let them paint something than try my hand at it. They have to finish up a few things, but we will make sure Ben hangs it this weekend.

This week has been all about art projects for our home (the furniture shopping we did last Saturday got me in a decorating mood). Next up, finish Halloween costumes; fingers crossed that I finish them today!

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