October 31, 2015

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Thankful for hard parenting days because where I fail, grace abounds. When I have those good days, it’s still only by God’s grace too.

Super thankful for wonderful neighbors with whom we can spend Halloween with. It’s a tradition to walk around with a few neighbors, and every year we meet more friendly neighbors that get added to our Halloween walking crew.

Thankful for nights when I get to go over to my parents for dinner, especially the nights Ben works late, because it helps relieve a little bit of stress to have more hands on deck (and not having to worry about making dinner sometimes is such a big help).

Avocado chicken salad sandwich looks and sounds delicious.

We got a bed frame! Yippee!!! The bed came with a lot of headaches though … ugh!

Love the vibe in this room.

I’m excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!

I’ve currently been craving a steak. Must. Have. One. Soon.

I think these lace up ballet flats are pretty.

Thankful for all the things that happened in October, good and bad, because God is working through all of it. This week, during a bad day, a friend encouraged me to “rest in what Jesus has for me today.” #word #mustlearntorest

The girls have a belly full of candy (mine is full of Twix and some cookies my parents brought home from NY) and I’m excited to go on a double date with the BFF tomorrow. The weekend’s been so good, and I don’t want it to end!


One comment on “huzzah!”

  • Heather says:

    I was craving steak, too so I asked my husband to pick some up last Friday. I’m not a big steak eater and will only eat steak he grills. His is so delicious and we pair it with this delicious broccoli salad and from the Amish market. I wish I could share with you!

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