November 14, 2015

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Sometimes, you think you’re going one direction, and out of nowhere, suddenly you’re going the complete opposite. Life likes to throw surprises sometimes, and we are just being prayerful and trusting God through it.

I love the shoes on this model. Anyone know who they are by?

For my birthday, my mom gave me my grandma’s 1960s turquoise cocktail ring. Family heirlooms are my favorites!

I ordered this black jumpsuit (when GAP had 40% off!). There was one good review and one bad one, so we will see once it arrives.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is coming up so soon? I’m ready for some family time and lots of food!!! I need to start planning out what I’m going to be cooking.

I’d totally wear these leopard clogs.

Soul is reading now! Yippee!! It’s short vowel words, but we are getting there! She is giddy with excitement at the little Bob Books that she can read.

I’ve been feeling extra tired this week, so instead of my normal 430am wake-ups, I’ve been sleeping in until 630. I’m hoping to get back on the early morning wake up this week. I treasure my quiet times when the house is still, and I can read and pray before the chaos ensues. My soul needs that time of refreshment and rebuke.

Hope you have a restful weekend friends!


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