the first day of 34

November 6, 2015

Ben and I originally had planned to go on a trip for my birthday, but when it came down to it, all I wanted to do was stay in bed and do nothing. Our lives are pretty much go, go, go (I’m sure this is life for most people), with balancing homeschooling, the girls’ extra-curricular activities, house stuff, and being intentional with family and church that I just needed a day of complete rest. I made the same request last year and loved that time so much, so I wanted to do it again.

Of course, it started with the traditional birthday breakfast in bed. I usually request pumpkin waffles, but I was craving eggs this time around with mimosa. The, the rest of the day I stayed in bed and read a book. Ben took the girls out for some errands, so it was nice and quiet. It was so peaceful that I even took a nap for the couple hours they were gone. Eventually, he brought me a sushi lunch in bed, and then I did more reading. For dinner, he made steak and lobster and we both ate in bed together. For dessert, Ben picked up a box of It’s-It! ice cream that I had been dying to try since I learned about it from my friend Frances. It’s vanilla (and mint) ice cream sandwiched between oatmeal cookies, and then dipped in chocolate … absolutely delectable! Seriously, the day was bliss. It was completely relaxing and just what I wanted!

The girls spoiled me as well. After breakfast, they had a show prepared for us; they even made programs for it. It was so cute! Soul and Glow performed four songs with actions (and props they all made!), and True and Brave were the choreographers. Ben and I were just grinning from ear to ear during their whole performance. Of course, in true Bratcher girl style, they showered me with a ton of handmade gifts. I got a card holder, paper rings (they know my love for antique jewelry), ring holder, wallet, many cards, and lots of drawings. These kids always blow me away with their creativity and thoughtfulness.

I’d say the first day of my 34th year was definitely a good one. Happy birthday to all you November babies too! What’s your birthday wish?

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