some serious pretties

November 16, 2010

Ben and I (and Soul) had a wonderful post birthday weekend getaway (True and Brave stayed with my parents). We did all the things I requested, such as a nice dinner date out (we ate at Oceanaire, which is one of our favorite places for seafood), some sleeping in and just taking it easy (kinda though, cause Soul woke us up at 6:30am and it was like pulling teeth to get her to go back to sleep), and some antique hunting. Ben threw in some other fun surprises like grabbing a picnic lunch from Bread and Cie and finding authentic Mexican food from La Fachada and all was more than well! Seriously, I love birthdays and with all the spoiling I got, I am declaring it my birthday month!
Of course, I was also able to come home with some real pretties for a steal of a deal! I love my vintage plaid button down shirt and it seems snake skin was the thing of the weekend as I got it in an ivory belt and deep green shoes. The big bow is my favorite part!
found vintage
The best find of all was this ribbon knit dress that I was sure was something special when I first laid eyes on it. Together, I thought the 2 piece dress looked a bit frumpy, but when separated, I think it brings out the gloriousness of each piece even more. Upon some help and direction from this lovely gal, I found out a bit more info here. Apparently, a hand knit ribbon dress by Ann Fleischer made in the 1960’s is definitely a dress to be treasured. I think the dress by itself would make a lovely wedding dress, so maybe I will hold onto it in case one of my daughter’s take a liking to it (I am a bit too short to wear it). In the meantime, the sweater is definitely mine. This intricate design of this dress done in ribbon nonetheless is an absolute beauty!
hand knit by ann fleischerhand knit by ann fleischer
And proof of our lovely weekend…

Happy Tuesday friends! What are your plans for the day? We will be cleaning up our garden, it has grown to be an overgrown mess these past couple months. Time to clean it up a bit, before any rain comes and the weeds really get out of hand!

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