vintage here, vintage there: week two

November 15, 2010

vintage here, vintage there
It seems that southern California can’t seem to make up its mind if it wants an Autumn or not, but at least it is no longer in the 100’s like it was a week ago! This weekend was a such a whirlwind as Ben and I just got back from a post birthday getaway to San Diego (with just Soul), which I will share more about later.
The weather there was a bit warmer than I like, but I just pretend it is more fall-ish than it really is and I still wear tights. Though, it is still much too warm during the day to bust out any cute vintage sweaters or jackets, wearing a vintage dress and shoes are still fun enough!
on me: dress, vintage from 1385. tights, target. shoes (from my birthday wish list and gifted by my parents), capricious traveler.
on soul: dress, vintage. leggings, baby gap.
I am in love with these shoes as they are so comfy! That is the best thing about vintage shoes, they are usually already broken in for you. Have you tried vintage shoes before?
vintage shoes
Here are some shops with a good vintage shoe collection: lisazain, kenaione, squeaky wheels, pineapple mint. If you are a size 7 (this make me wish I was), please buy this cause this is just darn cute (tell me if you do, cause i will be so happy if one of you get it)!
A tip when buying vintage shoes: Don’t just go by your shoe size number, but measure the insoles of a comfortable pair you own, then compare it to the length and width of the insole of the shoe you might be looking to buy online.
In the next few weeks, we will also have a special spotlight on what we wear date nights, for play, outerwear, or some other way we are able to infuse vintage into our wardrobe. Not to forget we will also be featuring some vintage lovin’ and wearin’ mamas, one of which is Karen from Misha Lulu, so get excited to meet these ladies! If you are sharing and sporting your vintage, don’t forget to leave your links here. We wanna see what your wearing in your part of the world!
Don’t forget to head over to Smile and Wave and check out what vintage Rachel’s wearing over there!
p.s. can’t wait to show you some vintage pretties i picked up over the weekend! hurrah!

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