wednesday: wrap it up

November 17, 2010

wrap it up
We have about six weeks until Christmas, can you believe it?!! I have mentioned that I am pretty much done with shopping (just a few more things to get), so I figured I would start wrapping things up. Yes, I am starting to wrap presents. So as I start wrapping, I am going to share various ways to wrap up your presents using things you probably already have lying around your house. I refuse to buy anything to aid in Christmas gift wrapping as I could probably open up a little craft store with all the crafting junk I have in my house!
I hope you like this little bit as the next 6 wednesdays will be all about wrapping and every week I will utilize one specific element in the wrapping. This week’s special element is… YARN!
As I was writing the above line, I felt a bit Iron Chef-ish and can hear all their sound effects and music as they reveal what the key ingredient for the recipes will be. Anyone know what I am talking about?!!
For the first gift, I crocheted a mini scarf and attached some buttons and wrapped it around the present. I think the present scarf is so cute and simple. After, I guess the recipient could use it as a cowl of sorts.
wrapped with yarn
Yarn is so easy to use that for this one, I just tied a knot at the back and then wrapped the yarn around and around vertically, then horizontally and “voila!” You can even mix other colors, keep the lines straight or go crazy with it.
wrapped with yarn
For this last gift, I wrapped yarn around again, but this time I added a bit of a yarn ornament along with it.
wrapped with yarn
Now, you might be thinking how do I make a yarn ornament? Well, I will have the DIY for you tomorrow. It is really easy and you are all such geniuses that I am sure you could make do without my step-by-step, and once you see how I do it, you will say, “Ruby, I could have done that with my eyes closed!” Then, next thing you know you will already have made 10!
I love wrapping gifts. Presents are always nice, but presents with pretty wrapping is just a tad bit nicer, don’t you think? It makes opening a gift fun! Scratch that. Opening gifts is just plain fun no matter how it comes, but a little extra oomph never hurts!
Be back tomorrow with a little DIY…
I know some of you have already shared your favorite ways to wrap presents on this post, but if you have any other ideas, do share, and maybe I will use one of your ideas for one of the weeks!

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