the perfect pine cone

January 9, 2009

This is one of my favorite winter scenes that is displayed in our home.
“This is the most perfect pine cone!” as once exclaimed by someone who was very dear to us. Her name was Ximena.

We were all walking through a mall parking lot when she came across this pine cone. I will never forget the excitement and delight in her voice when she found it. At the time, our dear friend was in a battle for her life against breast cancer. She had learned to find joy in the simple things that most people forgot about. She wanted to cherish every moment and every little treasure. Well, she scooped it up and said this would be perfect in her house. Happily, she nestled the pine cone in her arms as we loaded in the car and went to dinner. 
A few weeks later, I found the pine cone in the car. She must have forgotten it, which was easy because it was so dark and there was so much excitement in everyone being together. I decided I was going to mail it to her (she was from out of town). Unfortunately, I never got the chance to send it to her because the cancer won the battle not too long after. 
She was young. She was beautiful. She loved all those around here. 
When I saw this painting by Emily, it was just all too perfect (actually, the girl resembles her a bit). I definitely knew I had to snatch this print.
This pine cone is special to us. This pine cone is a reminder of her.

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