handmade deer ornament

December 7, 2015

As I was browsing through Creativebug classes a few weeks ago, with the girls looking over my shoulder, they saw the deer ornaments class and said, “We want to make that!” We set aside some art time this week to take the class. All the materials are things we have in abundance of at our house, so gathering supplies for this was a breeze. I set everything up on my work table, rolled the table right in front of the computer, had some templates printed out, and pressed play.

True and Brave are all about sewing and embroidery projects, so I knew that once they started, they would totally be in the zone. It is also quite evident in these pictures. We watched the video about 3 times through as they were working on it. We would pause here and there, to allow them time to complete a step, and then let it play. They got the idea, so then we would replay the whole class, but they would just keep working because they already knew what to do. Although the video is only 12 minutes long, they took a little over an hour to complete one ornament. Once they were done, they were so excited to have their finished little fawn and they said they are ready to take another class! I’m sure for art this week, we will be taking another holiday class from Creativebug (maybe clothespin dolls to make gifts or paper clay ornaments).

True made two hanging ornaments, and Brave made one, and I made one alongside with them. Though Soul and Glow started with us, they gave up quickly because they don’t quite have the hand eye coordination for hand-sewing. I pre-cut some deer from cardstock, so they could color those and still be part of the deer ornament making fun! With their colored yardstick deer, we made a little garland. True and Brave even wanted to get into the garland action, and help make more deer for it too. These kids will never turn down a good craft project.

Here’s what True and Brave have to say about the class…

I thought the class was fun. I like the part where we did embroidery. I liked making the fawn, and I really enjoyed learning how to make it. The hardest part was doing a running stitch around the fawn, and the easiest part was making the eyes and nose. – True

This is what I thought about the class … I thought that that it was going to be fun, and it was! But, it was hard in the beginning, then it got easy. It was starting to look like a real deer! Near the end, mommy had to help me finish it with a knot. Then, I hung it up in the tree, and that’s it! – Brave

This post is in partnership with Creativebug. They are many creative classes I want to take, and many of them work well as a homeschooling art supplement. Currently, Creativebug is offering two 1 year subscriptions for only $50. You get one for yourself, and get one to give!

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