August 17, 2012

instagramWow. Friday already?!! It’s been such a different week without the girls here. Glow and I had quiet breakfasts and lunches together and we would do some dancing and playing. Also, I was able to get lots done and all laundry is washed and put away and no one is allowed to get anything dirty ever again. This is the second time in my life when this miracle has happened and the first time was just a month or so ago! See, miracles do still happen and can happen more than once! Lots of things got done over here, but we miss the girls like crazy. It’s weird having silence during the day. Very strange. The noise will be back soon enough as their vacation ends tomorrow!

This week’s learned and links…

I love silence. I rarely get it, but with the girls gone, I didn’t put any music on because I just liked hearing nothing. Though, I can’t wait to have those little voices back again soon.

Glow stood up for a couple seconds without holding onto anything. So cute!

I like this post (via the littlest). Edit ruthlessly.

Been following my baby sister on instagram so I can see my girls throughout the day!

Homeschool stuff is ready. We start next week. I am sure I confuse some of you, but they homeschool, but attend a local school once a week for enrichment classes with other homeschoolers.

French Breakfast Donuts?! Yes, please. Making it next week for sure.

Excited for the vintage sale tomorrow! I can’t wait to meet some of you!

Someone get this cute vintage gold clutch. Amazing!

I loved hearing about your various familial personalities! Some of you are game players, readers, community get to knowers, and fellow crafters. Everyone is so different and it’s cool to learn from one another.

Have a great weekend friends! It’s been crazy hot here, so I hope it cools off a bit.

3 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Praxis says:

    that doughnut recipe looks amazing! definitely trying it this weekend :]

  • michelle says:

    my husband & i are about to have a quiet few days around here, too–before baby comes. the kids are headed to grandma & grandpa’s so we can have some concentrated days of packing (& dates!) before moving to our new home.

    heron was signed up to attend a local co-op preschool this year, but we decided just this week to withdraw her in favor of homeschooling. interested to know what curriculum(s) you’ve decided to use? i’ve been looking at “before five in a row,” “teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons,” and “my first school book”. it is just pre-school, so low-pressure, & a good time to see if homeschooling is a fit for our family. i haven’t really looked yet into full-blown homeschool programs/materials yet–maybe i’ll do that for kindergarten? but interested to see what you’ve discovered…

  • holly says:

    i’ve been away from a computer for a few days, but thank you for giving my shop a little shout out! i’ve received a ton of traffic from your site, hopefully your items arrive soon. ūüôā

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