some favorite things from treehouse kid & craft

December 14, 2015

I’m a big fan of the shop Treehouse Kid & Craft (and they also carry my book!). It’s such a cool site stocked with lots of things I would happily give to my children. I put together a list of favorite things from the shop, and some are things that I have given to our girls in the past. I love toys that encourage a lot of imagination and things they can create with. We also really appreciate practical gifts like the Klean Kanteen. I still have one more present to purchase, and then I think I’m done. If you still need some ideas, maybe this list will help you out! Are you done with Christmas shopping or are you a last minute shopper?

1) wooden geometrics house. 2) colorburst toy. 3) klean kanteen. 4) mini piano. 5) unicorn costume. 6) lapin & me doll. 7) natural toy car. 8) brave pennant. 9) unicorn pencil holder. 10) tegu blocks … our fave!!! 11) balance bike. 12) playon crayon.

I’m patterning with Treehouse Kid & Craft to giveaway this set of Tegu blocks on instagram. I think these blocks are the toys that get played with the most in our house. They turn them into villages, Star Wars characters, airplanes, cars, and the list goes on. They got it for Christmas last year, and they love it so much, they asked for more pieces this year. I will share more details soon on instagram (@cakiesblog). Don’t forget to follow along there, so you won’t miss out!

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