true’s 10 before 10 bucket list

May 16, 2016

True wrote a 10 before 10 bucket list of things she wanted to do before she hit double digits. Las Vegas was our backdrop for the adventure, and we took a Fuji Instax picture every time she accomplished something on her list. Then, she would put each picture in a little instax photo album we got her. It’s a sweet little book of memories.

1. Try a new fruit… she tried mulberries. Verdict: She loved it (we all did) and Ben plans to plant a mulberry bush.

2. Try a pinball machine… so we visited the Pinball Hall of Fame.

3. Go to Target and get an animal floatie for Glow. She really wanted to pick out something for Glow to swim with.

4. Try Milky Way… she loved it!

5. Angleland. Since we’ve been studying angles and reading the Sir Cumference stories, she wanted to go to Angleland (this medieval castle is the closest we could get).

6. Try a new ice cream flavor… she picked strawberry lemonade and red bean ice cream from Ice Pan. You pick your milk (we chose non-fat), your flavor, and they mix it right in front of you in an ice pan. The harder they beat it, the creamier it gets.

7. Play mini golf. We played it at the Adventuredome in Circus Circus. This was all of their first times playing mini golf and they all had a blast.

8. Try a new vegetable… she picked endive. Verdict: She loved it!

9. Try Turkish Delight. The girls are reading through the Chronicles of Narnia with Ben, so it got her curious about Turkish Delight.

10. Meet Princess Leia. This was the most difficult thing on her bucket list. We were hoping to see someone dressed up as Leia on the Vegas strip, but there was no one (at least not when we were walking around). Ben and I had to go to plan B and using the funny movie maker app, so we had Princess Leia send her a birthday message.

Her bucket list made for a fun birthday adventure, and she was so excited every time was able to cross things off her bucket list. We also noticed it made her more adventurous and she would try foods she would otherwise say no to (she had ginger, tapatio, and wasabi for the first time too!). This celebration is exactly how True wanted to ring in the double digits.

8 comments on “true’s 10 before 10 bucket list”

  • happy 10, True. love the bucket list adventure and how she really wanted to bless Glow as one of her bucket list items!

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m TOTALLY stealing this idea! My son turns 10 next year and I can foresee a lovely weekend of fun activities. Thanks for posting.

  • Melli says:

    Wow! What an adventurous gal! This is such a beautiful and sweet idea. When did she make her bucket list?

    • Rubyellen says:

      She made it about a month before her birthday! She isn’t the adventurous one of the crew, but I’ve noticed since she made the list, that she is attempting to be more open to trying things.

  • Great list she made. I like that she wanted to try a bunch of new things she hadn’t and was willing and liked them. How neat! Looks like she had a great time. I also think it is sweet she wanted to buy something for her little sister. aw.

    • Rubyellen says:

      She is very tender-hearted towards Glow especially. It’s a cute big sis and baby sis thing I think.

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