gilded bead necklace

June 2, 2016

Gilded Bead Necklace

Various beads (similar here and here)
Leather cording
Gilding adhesive
Gilding sheets
Bristle brush

1. Paint adhesive on various spots on each bead and allow each one to dry until surface is tacky.
2. Rub gilded sheet gently onto adhesive and allow to dry completely.
3. With bristle brush, brush over to remove excess gilding.
4. Cut 36″ long piece of leather cording and string beads onto the leather cording.
5. Create a sliding knot with the ends.

I still had some gilding sheets and adhesive from this project and I put it to good use with this craft. While doing online window shopping, I came across some beaded necklaces with bits of gold on it and thought that would be simple to make, and it was indeed. If you don’t want to make a new necklace, take an old beaded one (or pick one up at the thrift store) and spruce it up with a little gilding.

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