these days

July 15, 2016

I’ve been cherishing these past 5 weeks with Soul and Glow. We have one week left until my whole girl gang is back together, and we are giddy for their return, but we are definitely enjoying giving the two little ones some extra attention. We’ve mostly been homebodies due to the renovations that are taking place (fingers crossed these white wood stairs are done soon!), but as soon as the floor guys leave, we take off. We’ve been taking lots of park trips (the girls love the skate park), walks around the neighborhood, or thrifting. Once we feel exhausted from being out, we go back home and relax. Then the afternoons are spent lounging on the couch watching shows and movies.

I love seeing Soul really step up to that big sister role (her older sisters aren’t here to boss her around) and it’s sweet to see how Glow loves to be with Soul. Here’s a funny thing… Soul loves to wear a lot of True and Brave’s clothes while they’re gone. Soul is that sister. HA!

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