a-day at the aquarium and a la minute

August 26, 2016

Our first destination for A-Day was to the Aquarium of the Pacific and we went on a hunt for all the animals that started with A (thanks for the idea Alyssa!). We saw azure demoiselles, anemones, amphibians, Amazon milk frog, abalones, Alaskan ronquil, an arrow crab, angelfish, and a few other ones we don’t remember. The girls had fun hunting for all the As, learning about new sea creatures, but also seeing some of our favorites again.

Our second stop was to A la Minute. My friends, or those of you who follow on instagram, probably aren’t surprise this would be part of our A-Day. Ben was surprised I didn’t do an A-Day sooner; he knows I’d find any excuse to stop here for ice cream. Since this was our last hurrah for the summer, we went all out with 3 flavors… salted caramel (the ultimate best ice cream ever!), strawberry balsamic, and cookies and cream (a limited edition one). Of course, we loved it and happily devoured every spoonful.

A-Day and a trip to the aquarium and A la Minute was the perfect way to bid our summer adieu.

4 comments on “a-day at the aquarium and a la minute”

  • A visit to the Aquarium, a petit shout out, and the inclusion of a French word? This might just be my favorite post ever.

  • cristina says:

    love your outings! I was wondering if you would be making a homeschooling post at the start of this school year? ( first time home schooling mom, I pulled my kids out of our local Christian private school because it was too expensive but now I’m looking for some helpful tips) =) regardless keep up the good posts!

    • Rubyellen says:

      I will! I’m wanting to get into a full rhythm of things (and still waiting for a couple books to come in), and then I will share once we do!

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