L & M day

August 9, 2016

For L Day, we lunched by the lake. Then, we shared a lollipop as we read our library books. When we got home, we cooled off with the lavender limeade light saber pops we made that morning.

I laid out on the blanket enjoying the shade, while Soul and Glow collected rocks and shells. They kept trying to do skip rock on the water, but it never worked, and the rocks ended up making big rock plops instead. We came home with a giant stick and lots of little shells to add to their nature collection.

The very next day, which was our last day together before the big girls came home, we called it M&M Day! I made some cookie butter milkshakes and we cuddled together in bed and watched a movie.

We’ve since done M&M Day with the big girls too. I have a feeling we will be doing lots of M&M days, and will do it on Mondays. I want to find some movies that will go along with what we will be learning during the school year, and we could do this together on Monday afternoons (after all the learning lessons/work is done). I think it will be a good Monday motivator.

Eek. I cringe a little knowing that my brain is starting to get back into school mode. Oh summer, why must you go so fast?!


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