the oc fair tradition ’16

August 8, 2016

We’ve got 10 years of this tradition under our belt, and the only reason we go to the fair is to keep this tradition going. We love the photo booth, and we make sure to get a photo of our family taken outside of it when we are done. It’s been the same lady manning it for the last several years (and the one who takes this family photo) and she always remembers us. She says, “That’s right! The family with all girls!” Here are some things I noticed about this newest family photo versus the previous years…

Glow is wearing the striped dress that Soul wore in 2013 and 2015, and True wore in 2012.

Ben is wearing the same exact outfit from last year. The shorts are covered up by the girls, but they are indeed the same ones. Therefore, it’s the same shorts 4 years in a row.

While his clothes never change, his hair does.

True’s the one wearing glasses now. Hers are prescription versus Brave’s faux glasses from the previous years.

Second year in a row, no baby in our arms. That’s cause we are out of the baby stage for good (at least as far as our plans are). Glow makes sure we all know she is the baby for life.

The girls are wearing no hats this year.

I’m always standing to the left of Ben; I like this side better. lol

Anything stand out to you regarding this year’s photo? Read last year’s comparison’s here.


7 comments on “the oc fair tradition ’16”

  • amity says:

    these photos are so awesome! i love family traditions – and i, like you – would continue going to the fair SIMPLY for this photo tradition! 🙂 what a great way to see how your family has grown and changed over the years! i love this!

    we recently moved from a few blocks away from the OC fair in costa mesa. we lived there for 11 years and we weren’t really fair goers all those years. it brings LOTS of traffic to the city. BUT the few times we did go – we went to the photo booth and i think that was the absolute best part – bringing home that token to remember! 🙂

    • Rubyellen says:

      The girls did the ride and read, where they get 3 rides for free for filling out 2 book reports, but other than that, we aren’t there long. About 2 hours tops, if that, and then we go home. We are mainly there for the photo booth and our tradition. 🙂

  • kathig says:

    you have such a beautiful family, love this tradition. What I notice the most is how much more confident the two oldest seem. They have blossomed from shy little girls into young ladies, and they are so lovely.

  • erinlucy says:

    I absolutely adore your family portraits at the fair tradition! We have a similar family portrait tradition but it’s even more silly. We use the self timer on our phone and take a picture in the carpark of ikea every year. So ridiculous but I love those pictures so much and will treasure them forever

  • Jakob Boman says:

    Wow.. those pictures are so amazing as they are so simple and yet they say so much… It is so wonderful to see how family and people grow and develop over the years. When I get kids I will start a similar tradition. Thanks for the inspiration:-)

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