school in session

September 2, 2016

The Bratcher Boarding Academy is back in session. I ordered a new white board, so we still need to get that up, but we’ve slowly been getting back into the swing of things. Glow read two short books on her own, Soul continues to grow her reading skills, and I’ve been impressed with the writing True and Brave have done this week.

I remember when True and Brave were starting off, I could not imagine getting to where we are now. When you start homeschooling, it can feel overwhelming (and many times it is), but just go step by step, and then one day you’ll look back and see what you’ve accomplished together. It takes team work with a whole lot of God and His grace too. There have been many mistakes made, and I don’t always love it, but when I see how my girls have grown and how their hearts have been nurtured, I’m thankful for this time with them. Thus, here we are, our sixth year of homeschooling, and Glow is officially on the roster too. It will take a lot of team work to keep this multi-age classroom going, lots of praying and loving selflessly on my part, which I’m not good at, but we can’t wait to see how God grows all of us this year.

Cheers to our sixth year of homeschooling!

12 comments on “school in session”

  • cristina says:

    i LOVE your classroom space. thanks for this post! totally needed the encouragement =)

  • S says:

    Would love to know what books you use for school with your girls. I’m a HSing mom as well and love hearing what others use! Thanks

  • Toni says:

    I love the shift of seasons in life… I hope this school year is really meaningful for all! My three kiddos start on Monday. 5th grade, 1st, and pre-k. We always celebrate the first day of school with rootbeer floats and this year with a picnic to the lake.
    I will be praying for you and please pray for us!!

  • Sarah Johns says:

    Your classroom is either the most aesthetic space I’ve ever seen, or you’re fantastic at photography. Perhaps a mix of both.

  • Amanda says:

    I’m totally creeping around the blog tonight. hehe. I just HAD to say that I love this-your words and space. This is my first year of homeschooling my 4 year old, and it’s going great so far! I love the flexibility, etc. In a couple more years, my son will join us and I’m encouraged by your example. Praying for a wonderful year of growth for you guys! Pray for us too? 🙂

  • David says:

    Wow! what pictures you have clicked….we’ll definitely be saving them on our pinterest account for people to get inspired from your snaps….

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