tassel ghost mobile

October 20, 2016

Tassel Ghost Mobile
definitely more cute than creepy

Skein of white yarn
Skein of black yarn
Embroidery hoop
Wiggle eyes
Glue gun/glue stick
1. Make long tassels. I wrapped the yarn around my forearm about 50 times. Cut a 12″ strand through the center to tie at the top, then cut the bottom loops open. Cut another long strand to tie about 1 1/2″ down from the top to form the “head” of the ghost. I made 5 tassels, but can make as many as you’d like for your mobile.

2. Glue eyes onto each tassel.

3. Make black poms. Since I made 5 ghost tassels, I made 5 pom poms.

4. Cut and tie 2 equal length strands of yarn at 4 points on your embroidery hoop. Add another strand of yarn at the center, where the two strands intersect across the hoop, to hang. Then, tie on your tassel ghosts and add the pom poms last.

Such an easy Halloween project that the kids could make. If they make this without supervision, I suggest they use craft glue instead of the glue gun. You could also make a bunch of tassel ghost and hang them on a dowel if you want a Halloween wall hanging.

When Halloween is over, just remove the wiggle eyes and you have a simple black and white mobile, or re-purpose your pom poms and tassels in another project (maybe a macrame hanging, which is what I was working on when this idea came to me). I love holiday projects that can serve another purpose after.

The girls and I think our tassel ghost mobile came out BOO-tiful!

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