cheers to 35!

November 3, 2016

It’s nice to meet you 35. I’ve got 6 grey hairs that I refuse to pull because I think I’m running out of hairs. Also, my smile lines are becoming more prominent, which is a blessing because that means I’ve had  lots of reasons to laugh and smile in my 35 years (and Lord willing, many more). I certainly don’t feel wiser with each new year, but grace certainly does get sweeter.

Soul loves this dress because it’s pink. It looks white in pictures, but it’s a subtle pink with geometric lines. When I found it at the thrift store, I did a happy dance because that’s just what you do when you find a vintage piece with a “Made in USA” label. I especially love it paired with my favorite pair of shoes and a bigger version of my favorite basket. This one can hold my journals, art supplies, and camera when I need to tote those things around. You know me and my love for baskets. When some of my friends travel, they know to bring me home a basket.

These days I no longer heat style my hair, so it’s been all my natural waves you’ve been seeing. I stopped using a curling iron mid-summer when I chopped length off to get rid of split ends and most of my ombre. Though I still have lingering bits because I didn’t want to go too short. I’m hoping the lack of heat styling will keep my hair healthy and prevent hair breakage. While the waves help my hair look fuller, I have really thin hair. If anyone has suggestions to remedy my thin hair issue, I’d love to know!

Anyway, cheers to 35! If anyone needs me., I’ll be in bed all day reading a book.

what i’m wearing: dress, vintage. boots, rachel comey. Birkin basket, space rocket store.

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