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November 15, 2016

Lately, I’ve been looking for long, loose dresses at the thrift store to turn into jumpsuits. I snip the skirt down the middle, halfway up the length of the skirt, then I sew up each pant leg. Though it may not be as figure flattering, I love loose silhouettes because they’re so comfy, and I feel good in them. This one reminds me of the Rachel Comey Costello jumpsuit, but much more friendly to my wallet.

what i’m wearing: dress, thrifted and altered (similar here). clogs, maguba. basket, vintage (similar here).

10 comments on “dress to jumpsuit”

  • meira says:


  • jane says:

    I totally love this! 🙂

  • kathy says:

    I love this, but wondering how do you get into the jumpsuit? 🙂
    I’ve thought about doing this and have been perplexed about getting in and out of it…

    • Rubyellen says:

      Good question! This dress happen to have buttons on both shoulders, so it was overall-ish, so I just unbutton that way. I have turned other ones into a jumpsuits by cutting into the back to turn it into a back loop and key hole opening. That way with this, I can unbutton when I need to take it on and off and it fits over my bottom when bottom when putting it on. I’ll share another one I turned into a jumpsuit and take a picture of the back.

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