January 7, 2017

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Everyone’s cranky the first week back from Christmas vacation. It was rough.

I love perusing all the after Christmas sales online. I haven’t bought anything, but it’s just fun to look around. There’s a couple pairs of shoes I’m eyeing on Zara for the girls (a buy a couple sizes larger and save it for when it’ll fit them).

I want to make a mini version of this dress for the girls.

We love goldenberries. It’s our first harvest from our goldenberry bush and it was quite a tasty treat.

Blush and indigo make a great combo.

My hands tend to get very dry, so I’m curious about this lanolin cream to see if it’ll help. I started using this lotion about a month ago and love it. Lavender scent is my fave.

This vintage rodeo bag is funky cool.

Admiring these abstract eather earrings.

All the holiday stuff is put away and 2017 is in full swing. It definitely was a rocky beginning with all the bad attitudes going on in our house (I’ve had a major one), but mercies are new and grace abounds, and Jesus lovingly leads us to repentance and changes our hearts, and that is good news.


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