January 16, 2017

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

California is super thankful for the abundance of rain we received last week, but I’m also thankful that the sunny days are back (at least until Thursday when it’s supposed to rain again).

A local paper is coming to interview Ben and take pictures of our backyard orchard culture, so Saturday was spent cleaning everything up. With all the rain we’ve been having, weeds have taken over and leaves were all over the place. We all worked together to pull weeds, prune, sweep, pick up dead leaves, and make everything look pretty. #teamwork

We had our third Christmas celebration with my family this past Saturday and my mom made such a wonderful feast. That was round 3 of the girls getting lovingly spoiled, and we have one more round to go with Ben’s family here in California.

I need a basic black tee, so I’m waiting for Everlane to roll out their wide leg crop pants at the end of February (if you order two or more items, you get free shipping). I’m looking forward to some of their new items coming out, especially those pants I mentioned.

My ultimate favorite candle scent is the Volcano Blue Capri Candle. I’m running low on them, so I need to stock up soon.

I love this patio covering. I would love to see how we can get our own made for one portion of our yard.

Based on my WEAR board (and looking at my own closet), I’ve realized that I love denim dresses and wearing blue.

This vintage quilted crop jacket is cute, so is this vintage Armani denim dress.

With the rain, lighting hasn’t been great, so I haven’t wanted to photograph any new crafts to share. I’m hoping we get to share our first kid craft for the year later this week.

Ben and I were blessed by our church morning and evening gathering yesterday, and all the sharing of life that happened in between. I’m praying God use these times to imprint our children’s hearts with the sweetness of following Jesus and that they would see Christ is better than all.

Since today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, you get my huzzah post on a Monday. Enjoy your Monday friends!

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