July 22, 2011

pillow with vintage fabric
I got some just for me sewing time last week and I made this little pillow, which is now propped on my bed. It is made from some vintage fabric gifted from some friends a few years ago. I never wanted to cut it cause it was so pretty and I could never decide what to make with it, but really, I think a pillow was just the perfect thing.
Today is a busy day trying to get loose ends tied up for the workshop tomorrow. I am so thankful in God’s timing that the girls had VBS at a local church because the free mornings gave me time to do lots of doctor appointments, errand running, cleaning, prepping for Saturday, and relaxing a bit. It is easier to get things done without three little girls around, but it has also been slightly difficult because they have been way off schedule. Next week is for re-programming.
I have lots of things I am behind in sharing and documenting and hopefully I can get to that next week. Until then, here are my learned and links for this week…
– Listening to this message and realizing that if you think you get it, you probably really don’t.
– Soulie is a crank monster when she is off schedule.
– The baby inside me is a wiggly one in the middle of the night… uh oh!
– My forehead is the hardest part of my body to relax. Once it is, then putting myself in hypnosis is much easier.
– Brave is only shy because she follows True, but I think she will eventually break out of that and just not be shy at all.
– If I don’t drink enough water, my legs hurt. Ben says it has to do with my circulation or something.
– I am obsessed with wooden soled shoes. I want these, these, and these (oh to dream)!
– The 99 cent store is really such a wonderful place!
Happy Friday friends! I have a fun, albeit busy, weekend up ahead and I will be back with loads of pictures of it next week.

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