corset skirt

October 17, 2017

I spied this vintage skirt haphazardly hanging off the rack. It’s like like someone contemplated getting it, then decided no, didn’t put it neatly back in place, and left it for me to see. Thank you to whoever left it there for me. I wore it once before these sets of photos, but I wore it slightly lower than it is here, and it was kind of weird looking at that spot. Once, I put it on to sit higher up on my waist, it looked much better. Now, it looks sort of like a corset, so I call it the corset skirt. It has a lovely vintage made in USA label and you all know how much things like that make me dance.

My earrings are vintage too and they have such Annie Costello Brown vibes. I found them almost a year ago and could hardly believe how much they remind me of my fave indie designer. I love when something like that happens. I told Ben, “See, I found these and saved you money.” HA! Anyone else say the same thing when you find something at the thrift store that’s similar to what you were eyeing at a retail shop?

on me: top, thrifted. skirt, vintage (similar here). shoes, loq via garmentory. basket, wovenfolk (available here). earrings, vintage (similar here)

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