February 21, 2018

Flower Crown

Bunch of fresh flowers
Floral wire
Wire cutter

Cut out small bunches of flowers about 5′ long. Wrap wire around the bottom of the stem and continue to wrap downward to add more small bunches of flowers. Continue wrapping flowers together until desired size to fit around the head. Wrap wire to connect both ends together. Tip: Wrap wire in a downward as you continue adding flower bunches to your crown.

These could easily be made with lavender stems, herbs, vines, or other plants you have growing in your backyard, which is how we made the other crowns for our Galentine’s post.

One comment on “FLOWER CROWN”

  • Frédérique says:

    Beautiful! I want to say thank you for still blogging. I can’t exactly explain why, but reading blog posts (especially yours:)) leave me feeling much more inspired and feeling much healthier than checking instagram for example. I really admire that you are taking the time to provide such a high quality content. I hope you keep doing so! Also, on a lighter note: you must think it is so cold right now, so keep warm:) xoxo

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