June 13, 2018

I’m back in the floral design game and did a wedding last weekend. It was my first time in a long while. Flowers used to be my favorite to work with, but it became difficult with little ones, but with them getting older and Ben’s new schedule this year, I’m going back to it. (Clearly, I wear a lot of hats from vintage shop to macrame, and a lot of other things in between.)

I took two girls with me to the LA Flower Market, so 1) I could take the carpool lane, and 2) extra hands to hold and pull a flower filled wagon. True and Soul got the job of coming along. Brave has her injured foot, and Glow didn’t want to go, so #1 and #3 it is! As we were flower shopping and flower making, it hit me… these girls will likely choose jobs outside of the box. They’ve grown up seeing me work in a lot of creative areas, that I think they have more a creative, entrepreneurial spirit in them.

My hope is that they aren’t afraid to pursue things outside of the box. I know I certainly was scared, so when it came time to choose a career to study, I chose teaching. It was safe. Part of me wishes I picked art, which was the other major I considered, but my fear of not being good enough and what to do for a job after, stopped me. I think all my side hustles over the years, have exposed the girls to thinking outside of the box. It has encouraged them to explore things they love and also, they don’t have to limit themselves to pursue just one thing. I love macrame, sewing, writing, crafting, floral designing, collecting vintage, and I’m thankful that I’ve been able to do all of these things (and teach my girls how to do these things), while staying home to raise my girls. It’s fun watching these girls grow up and their passions develop.


  • Lacey says:

    Yeah, I love it! I’ve never been a super focused career girl myself. I love cooking and baking, creating and making, and I recently went back to school to become a Nutritional Therapist. I work in an administrative role at a dental office and while the work is not super engaging I really appreciate that I leave my work at work. I don’t take it home with me, and I think that is an underappreciated value. I think it’s fabulous you’re raising your girls with exposure to many different fields of work and creativity!

  • Thanks for the post.

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