August 7, 2018

This has been a summer of letting go. It seems we’ve been in and out of town almost every other week, so the girls and I never got into a good unscheduled rhythm. If that makes any sense at all. Some projects that I wanted to work on with them, just hasn’t happened, and the priority right now is to purge and clean during the day (trying to get this done before school starts), and then we chill together at night. Usually, watching a movie, or lately, I Love Lucy (I just introduced them!), while we drink a banana smoothie. I’m on a mission to let go of a lot of stuff we don’t need in the house and make sure we only keep things we use. My office is probably the scariest room to go through because I have a lot of craft crap. That’s next on the list though, so it will get done. I’m determined. I love going to estate sales, and while I like finding something to bring home (or for the shop), it’s also sobering me up to let go of stuff. My rule for myself is if I bring something in, I move something out. It keeps things manageable. I don’t know how people held onto so much stuff. It’s insane the amount of stuff some of these people keep, so I’m trying to get ahead of the game and do a good purge now. I usually do it in the spring, but never had the time, so summer will have to do. Simplify and purge is my motto this summer. What’s yours?


July 6, 2018

I had been looking for a ric rac cactus forever and was so excited when I spied it at an outdoor market through someone else’s instagram stories this past weekend. When I clicked on the tagged shop, Piep, I was happy to discover they were not too far from me, so I contacted the shop right away! Then first thing this past Monday, we went to pick it up! I am very happy to cross the ric rac cactus off my plant collection list. Once I find a pot, and its special spot, I will be sure to share where it lands.


June 6, 2018

School is almost out and I can’t wait to do a deep purge and some redecorating. I love big, old mirrors, especially ones that show the age on the glass. I’m not in the need of any mirrors, but it’s hard to turn down a good one when I find one. There was one I had found a couple months ago, that I slightly regret not buying, but Ben didn’t like it and we didn’t need one (though I’m sure I could have found a place for it). All these mirrors pictured above are so lovely and are getting me excited to a summer refresh on our spaces.

from top to bottom: elemente architecten, image unknown (do share if you know who to credit), coco and kelley, sfgirlbybay, fusion d,


April 11, 2018

It’s been a couple weeks since our last guest left (she was with us for 6 weeks) and I finally got around to fixing up the guest room. I washed all the sheets, cleaned the bathroom, swept and wiped the floors, and now the room feels fresh again. I moved things around and added a rug to change things up a little. I’m not sure I like the rug there, but I’m feeling it out. For now, the room is clean and ready to welcome whoever God sends our way next.

I’m horrible at linking up sources for furniture because most everything in our home is vintage. The shelves, bed sheets, curtain, and curtain rod are from IKEA and the rug is from Uncommon Goods, but everything else is vintage!


January 15, 2018

{image from hibrid blog}

{image by romain ricard for milk decoration}

{image by vincent leroy for milk decoration}

{image via ernests tumblr, but can find original source. please share if you know.}

I’m definitely in a mood to do some small changes in the form of more oversized art in our home. Also, I want to make a gallery wall on the walls of our stairs and in our long hallway upstairs. Our long hallway is kind of dark, so plants haven’t been doing too well there, so I think lots of pretty things on the wall is necessary. I’ll definitely be commissioning the girls for more artwork. I feel spring is around the corner and I’m ready to do a little refresh. (And when I mean refresh, it’s just switching out wall decor. I love how we have everything set, so I don’t do major moving around.)

in the garden by true, brave, soul, and glow

December 14, 2017

Children make the best art. My four girls created this piece for Ben as a birthday gift and we call it “In the Garden.” I shared a bit over here while they were making it and you see it again when they give it to Ben here. Clearly, this was inspired by our garden, and one of our favorite things to do together is to garden together. There’s always a project in the works in either our front or backyard garden, so we spend a lot of time there, though not nearly enough because there’s much to be done. I had an idea of what I wanted them to create, but when I was trying to guide them or tell them what to do, it just wasn’t working and wasn’t coming out like I had thought. It’s when I just let go and told them to go ahead that the whole thing came together. It’s so amazing when you just let kids create; the results are far better than whatever I could come up with.

I did start by having them all draw their heads and body-ish (I drew on my own head). Then, I gave them all different greens and they started bringing the garden to life. They each had different shade of green and worked together to create this. I’d have them interchange colors and brushes here and there, and I’d occasionally help point out spots that were missing something, and they continued to layer and paint. We also brought in some leaves from our garden, so they could recreate some of those shapes in the painting. The pictures here don’t even capture how vibrant this painting really is. They’re so proud of what they created and Ben and I are in complete awe of it too.

Ben loves his gift so much that he keeps bringing it around the house, so he can see it wherever he is. We finally had to give it a home though, so it is currently on display in our entryway. I love seeing it reflected in the mirror; it’s exactly what this spot needed.

It makes us smile to see our walls decorated with art made by our girls. We still have this and this up. I’m going to commission these girls to make another (much larger) painting, or maybe this time a drawing, because we have another plain wall that definitely needs something big. These girls are my favorite artists, and while I’m a tosser and don’t keep all the things they make, this painting is definitely a keeper.

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