bada bing, bada boom!

April 21, 2014

bing!bing!bing!bing!Bing reached out and wanted me to try their Bing Rewards program and I figured why not. I’ve been using it for a bit now and it works great. I switched my phone and iPad over to have Bing as my main search engine because I like the idea behind their rewards program. I’m constantly doing searches anyways, but with Bing, I earn a credit for every search I do. No need to purchase anything, just search, and earn credit. Once you reach so many credits, you can exchange them for prizes. I’ve got my eye on one month Hulu+ subscription (300 credits) because I really want to watch the season finale of Scandal and not have to wait a week. Thankfully, I’m almost there, so probably after today, I’ll get to sit down and relax with a glass of wine and Olivia Pope (oh and Jake! totally #teamjake). If Hulu+ ain’t your thing, there’s Starbucks, Sephora, Applebees, Amazon, and the list goes on. It’s not a whopping $100 gift card, but it’s a little bit ($3 – $5 increments) that’s pretty much free money since you don’t have to spend anything to get it. You just do what you do already, and keep searching, but just makes sure it’s on Bing, and if you do searches on iOS, you can get credits on that too!

My searches lately have revolved around My Little Pony. True’s birthday is coming up and she wants a My Little Pony party at a hotel (similar to Brave’s last year). I’m trying to look for pony-inspired decor that will be easy to put up in a hotel room and other things I can make to make it more Ponyville-ish. I know a recent episode had a Rainbow Dash party and that gave me a lot of ideas, but Rainbow Dash isn’t her fave, Fluttershy is, so I’ve been trying to get ideas for that. (Oh and she wants me to make everyone a pony costume! Can anyone please tell me where I can search for time to make that?!) I did find a Fluttershy party hat print-out, and sketched out ideas for a Fluttershy inspired dress, so I’m getting there. Thus, while I was doing my searches for that, I was racking up credits, totally works for me.

Ben totally knows more about My Little Pony than I do (he’s a Brony, but not a crazy one), so I’m needing to do a lot of searches to make sure I’m getting my pony facts and ideas right. Rainbow Dash is thunderbolt, clouds, and rainbows (duh!) and Fluttershy is butterflies, shy, and animals. Did I get that right? Don’t ask me about Pinkie Pie and the others just yet, I don’t know much about them. I guess I better start paying attention when we have family cuddle night and watch My Little Pony. I lie in bed with them watching, but my mind zones out and I’m not really paying attention though I’m staring at the screen. Anyone else do that?

Anyway, try Bing out if you like. I say it doesn’t hurt, there’s no cost to you, and you earn a little (without having to spend anything), so bada bing bada boom… Bing it!

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loving: ms. tips vintage

March 24, 2014

MS TIPSMs. Tips is one of my most favorite vintage shops on etsy (and happens to be a Cakies sponsor). I check in there constantly to see what Tammy has in stock. I’m bummed that I missed this vintage swimsuit, but she does have a few others (like this one) I’m mulling about in my mind. Makes me also wish I could wear this (or this) two piece, but after having four kids, I don’t want to show anyone that tattoo of fire I have going on. They are my battle scars and they are more fierce (not in the Beyonce way) than pretty, but for my four girls, I gladly take these battle wounds for sure. I just don’t plan on showing anyone else! Anyway, there’s a big sale going on at Ms. Tips and she has everything marked down 40% for 4 days starting tomorrow, March 25th at 8am CST. If you’re eyeing something, I’d make sure to snap it up because if you wait on it like I did with that yellow bathing suit, it will be gone in a flash!

I’m also excited that Tammy’s on instagram now too (@mstipsvintage). It’s another fun way to peek into her days and see all her amazing vintage finds. Tammy always finds the best stuff, which really makes me want to visit Minnesota one day!

*a new month is coming up and if you’re looking for a way to get your shop or blog out there, just send me an email to inquire about sponsorship!

swapdom… a whole new way to shop!

February 3, 2014

swapdomHave you heard of Swapdom? It’s a cool new way to shop! Instead of busting out your wallet, it’s all about trading what you have (and want to move on to another home) for something someone else has (and they want to move on to another home). It’s a really great concept and I have already uploaded some of my swappable items here. Also, I’ve already submitted my first swap offer, so I can’t wait to see how that goes and fingers crossed a good match comes up and I get what I’ve been eyeing. I had been looking for this particular item and got really excited when I saw that someone had the specific item up for a swap (in my size!).

We’ve really been working at purging and with the girls having tons of things, this is a perfect way to move some of their stuff on. Swapdom just started a baby & kids section, so most of the things I’ve uploaded are for that. If you’ve got some things to move on to another home (and want to get some things in return), I think Swapdom is a great option for you. You just pay shipping plus a $1-$2 fee. Here’s a little chart that explains a little bit more of how Swapdom works…

swapdomAnd to celebrate the launch of their Baby & Kids section, Swapdom is hosting a contest where you can win a Phil & Ted Stroller! We have the Phil & Ted Double Stroller, so I can attest to it’s fantastic quality, so I think this contest of theirs is pretty great. If you want in, you can get more details about the contest here; there isn’t really much you have to do to enter, but like their Facebook page and register on Swapdom.

You can view my profile here and maybe some of you have some good stuff to upload and we can start swapping!

a little something for everyone

December 10, 2013

uncommongoodsAre you done with your Christmas shopping? I think I’m pretty much done. I have a couple more things to figure out, but I think we’re mostly all set. I think we will be wrapping presents by this week’s end. Here’s a little roundup of some things that I’m loving over at Uncommon Goods

For him
1. walnut bookend lamp. I finally got Ben’s books organized on the shelf and they could definitely use these book ends!
2. heart of gold. I would give this to him with a sweet little note. That guy of mine really has a heart of gold!
3. bubble alarm clock. This would look super cool by his side of the bed.
4. bio fuel lotion. He loves a good lotion. A side story: I have super dry, rough hands, so one of Ben’s first gifts for me when we started dating was a bottle of Kiehls lotion. I give him such a hard time about it because he gave it to me in a Neiman Marcus bag because he bought it there, but you can imagine that my mind was giddy with the idea of something pretty and fancy inside. Nope! It was just lotion. Though it was indeed fancy lotion! And it really did make my hands softer!

For her
5. handstitched Guatemalan pillow. I’m a sucker for pretty pillows!
6. stacking ring. I love the mix of metals! I’m definitely a ring gal; it’s my favorite type of jewelry.
7. cheese knife and slicer. I need this for our monthly girls’ cheese and w(h)ine night.
8. kantha blanket. I’ve always loved the gorgeous patterns on these blankets.

For the kids
9. build your city. My girls would flip for this. This is where they would have all their My Little Ponies live!
10. fox pillow. My Glow is obsessed with animals. She would definitely give this pillow some lovin’.
11. playon crayon. Things for creating are just always a must in their Christmas stockings!
12. balloon modeling kit. I think my kiddos would love this (but we’d have to be careful around Glow). This would definitely keep them captivated for a whole afternoon (and then some!).

Are you done with your Christmas shopping or are you a last minute shopper?

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welcome sponsor: lisa leonard designs

July 13, 2013

lld I’m pretty sure most of you are familiar with Lisa Leonard Designs by now, but if you aren’t, then let me introduce you… meet Lisa Leonard Designs. I love how modern and simple her pieces are. I wear my gold from any angle necklace all the time and I love our little celebration banner for marking special days. Behind her beautiful jewelry is an even more beautiful soul, and her story is quite inspiring. I’ve met her in person, so I can truly attest to how genuine she is! I’m sure if you take a look around her shop (and blog), you will be hooked (and you’re wallet might be a few dollars less). Totally not my fault. *wink*

For Cakies readers, you can get 15% off all non-sale, handmade items excluding the hope{full} line using the coupon code CAKIES15. Also, Lisa Leonard Designs is giving away 2 (TWO!) $50 gift certificates to the shop. Here’s what you can do to win…

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lisa leonard designs shop...
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sponsor welcome

June 15, 2013

illSay hello to The Little Illustrator! Jennifer is the artist behind this cute and quirky shop filled with prints and cards. She is a mama of 5, 4 of which are 3 years and younger! Geez! And I thought I was busy!!! Her background is in realism art, but she has since fallen in love with doing illustrations. Her children are her biggest source of inspiration, which is something I can definitely relate to. A good portion of her illustrations are based off of moments or feelings for them and/or words of wisdom that she would like her children to take with them on their journey through life. The four pictured above are my favorites from the shop. clockwise from top left: You’re My Sweetheart, I Can Hear You, I Love Vinyl, Life Is An Adventure

One of you lucky ones can win a $50 gift certificate to The Little Illustrator! Here’s what you can do to win…

1. Visit The Little Illustrator and tell me your favorite piece.
2. Blog, tweet, or facebook about this giveaway and leave a separate comment telling me you did so.

Now, if you do all of the things mentioned above, you might even be able to up your chances by getting your name in 4 times (just remember to leave separate comments for each)! Fantastic, right? If you’re overseas, you’re welcomed to join in. The giveaway will end at 8am PST on Friday, June 21st and the winner will be announced via twitter (follow me on twitter here) on that day. Good luck!

the little illustrator shop

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