guest post over at uncommon goods

for baby I did a little guest post over at Uncommon Goods last week. We made a little art piece for Soul before she was born and it was about time to make one for Glow. See the full project here. Also, check out the curated collection I put together for baby over here too.  I’ve got the deer head (Bucky Sr.) and love it!



3 Responses to “guest post over at uncommon goods”

  1. Noe says:

    Soooooo cute!!!!!

  2. Jozen says:

    Oooh, I love it Ruby! And I can’t get enough of Glow’s hair, does she get it from you or Ben?

  3. melody says:

    so pretty. this looks hard to do, but you guys made it look so simple and fun. i am making taylor do this with me

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