Want some Cakies?

September 16, 2007

Cakies clippies are now sold at another local baby boutique called Rattle ‘n Roll…Praise God!!! This is also the store that we bought True’s flip flops, and there is a dress there that inspired the apron dress I made earlier this week. This morning, the owner Jennifer called to invite me and True (and Brave, but she hadn’t met her yet) to their store’s 2nd birthday party…

There were cupcakes…yummy!!!

They even had a henna tatoo artist…I was afraid True might be allergic and that she wouldn’t sit still, so we just watched. Plus the line was too long…

True had fun playing (more like watching) with the kids at the party and touching all the toys and clothes at her level…

Happy 2nd Birthday to Rattle ‘n Roll!!!

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