Dear Anthropologie,

July 23, 2008

I am in love with your store. I love everything from your paint colors, to the most creative way you display pieces of paper, to your furniture (new & found), your clothes, and oh my… your shoes!

Well, I am a stay home mama, so I can’t really go shopping at your store all the time (well, not for clothes at least). My Benny does let me visit you to make purchases for our house or things that are needed (and are on sale), but that is about it! I love your store so much, that I rave and rant about you all the time and we even go on dates just to visit your store because it exudes so much creativity (it is really dangerous that I live between two Anthropologies).

With that said, I absolutely love this shoe

The price tag on it is a bit much for me, but maybe you will find it in your kind heart to donate to this hard working mom of two little girls! Hey… maybe we can even make a trade?!! What do you say?!! Maybe you need a ton of Cakies clippies or maybe even crowns… well, it doesn’t hurt to ask now, does it?!!

So Mr. or is it Ms. Anthropologie, if you are out there and find this… I will work for shoes (or trade)!!!

Most fondly,
Ruby Bratcher

P.S. I’m a size 6.

9 comments on “Dear Anthropologie,”

  • we still need to try to re-create

    what time does Brave’s day start?

  • Yikes, they are expensive! I thought maybe I’d play Santa, but they would have to go on sale first! You’re SO lucky to live near stores. I just drool over the catalogs!

  • How could they refuse such a heartfelt letter? 🙂

  • This is the funniest thing ever! I feel the same way! I love looking at the sale section online HOPING to find something in my price range!!

  • holy crud that would be a lot of cakies!

  • melindakimbo says:

    hahaha keep dreaming girlfriend

  • Richelletron says:

    hahahah you should have linked them so maybe they could see who linked them and all their traffic that they are gettig from you and maybe you would get some HOOKUPS nah-i’m-sayn???

    i looked at for cute gladiator sandals… 🙁 they are all gone!

    if you run into any cute ones size 5 to 5 1/2 let me know because i can’t find any.

  • Rubyellen says:

    bethany- you’re too sweet! now maybe i should just write to santa and he would find this… then i might just get it!

    nicole- I am always hoping for goodies on sale…

    Liz- yeah… i know. i better get ready… i will be baking all year long just for the shoes!

  • nathalie says:

    how about i get one for you and you get one for me!!!! what is it? $180….no big deal! lol!!!!! i guess i better go sew some tutus!!! this is the finding of the year…totally me too! love it! as i said..the closest i get from anthropologie is online. yaya!!!!! well, and the occasional catalog! i hope they have technorati and find this heartfelt letter and donate a pair of shoes to you. so my favorite shoe designer….christian louboutin was signing shoes at neiman marcus a while back and one of the women in line was a stay-at-home mom (with lots of $$$ i guess), so he signed her shoes. “to a hot mama” now wouldn’t i die to have this!!! lol!!!!! ok…i’m ranting!!! awww had i known brave b-day was so soon i would have sent her a blue tutu. is there still time? i can’t believe she will be one. ohh my!

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