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October 1, 2008

I could seriously kiss it all day…
I love both my babyCakies! There is so much joy in being a mother (and frustrations too), but much more joy. I remember getting pregnant with Brave and being so nervous on how do you love two, but now as we contemplate three (I am not pregnant, just thinking and praying about when, if God wills), I am nervous on how to handle three, and not neglecting the first two. I am sure when that time comes, it will all feel so natural as it does with two. Until then, I will continue to savor True growing into more of a little girl, no longer a baby, and will continue to cherish my Brave, who is still my baby.

I love them both so much!!!

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  • Gen says:

    Brave is sooo cute, i can’t believe she allowed me to hold her for a while during the party. ya she likes me!!

  • Your babies are so cute; the thought of another baby cakies just brings joy to my heart! Just keep praying! 🙂

  • love this photo of your cutie pie, makes me tear up a little thinking about my own not-so-baby babies. they are 3 and 6yrs old… so BIG!

  • grace says:

    I am so glad and inspired to hear such phrases as “Praying” and “if God wills.” For such are the same ones on my mind from day to day.
    God does answer prayer.
    On and Free people totally rocks the kasbah.

  • Ellen says:


    Brave and True makes me want to have babies.

    today. pronto.

    but then I realized that my babies may not be as cute your Brave and True.

    so I’ll wait and just love your babies for now.

    I can’t wait for your third baby!!!! =)

  • Rubyellen says:

    Ellen… haha!!! you will have such cute babies! you have nothing to worry about! yes, yes, that third baby… we are talking about it. that is a step up from my, “no way, not now!” haha…

    do you think a substitute like lin can ditch and get a substitute, we can all hang out?!!

  • Ellen says:


    Tell us when!! and I’ll make sure to clear our schedule so we can see true brave ruby combo! =)

    seriously, I need some sanity check and hanging out with you and linda will bring that for me. haha…

  • Lin says:

    Such a cutie! I know what you mean about the joys, and frustrations of being a mother! And the worries! Before little H came along I couldn’t imagine loving another like my first but the heart is big enough. I figure that the third would actually be easier than two – the first two will keep each other occupied when you have a newborn, rather than you having to entertain them. God made us to be part of a family, and if he wills it, everything will be ok.

  • Susan says:

    how precious she is, ruby. and you are right about being a mommy. there is so much joy in it. i have found that while frustration and chaos seem to increase with the number of children, so does the joy – but far more! God blesses and gives special grace to make it through each day, believe me :O)
    love, susan

  • Renae says:

    You could handle three little cakies just fine.

    As a friend once told us–you sure make cute babies you should have more. I took that as a compliment and you should too.

    Good luck and you’ll be fine whatever happens with your little family

  • Oliver Rain says:

    Is it even possible for you to pick them up and smother them with kisses?

  • Rubyellen says:

    smothering them with kisses is just the best!

  • One thing that never runs out is a mom’s love! What my children missed is having younger siblings to love too. We made the decision to only have two after Nathaniel was born. Now I wish I had lots more! There is so much that everyone learns from each other in a large family! One of my friends has five children and my youngest sister has four. They are busy but it’s a great kind of busy. When your girls are older and playing (and ignoring you!), you’ll see what I mean– there’s always room for one more!!!

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