keeping cozy

January 20, 2010

These days of torrential rain that has hit southern California has kept us wanting to just do cozy things… watch movies on the computer, read books in bed, and drink hot chocolate. Though, nothing else can be cozier than working with yarn and crocheting up something warm and fuzzy.
True hasn’t been wanting to wear Cakies rosy posies of late, thus I had to think of something new. I think these knitted bows are perfecto and her new favorite (mine too as they are large enough for me to wear) and she is already requesting a few more colors be made.
looks angelicknitted hair bows
Naturally, Brave must have what True has, and she was relentless in reminding me that I had to make her one too. Hers is a bit smaller than True’s bow, but just as cozy and cute.
such a hamknitted hair bows
I am not sure bows are ready to stay in Soul’s hair, despite her having tons of it, but she needed something to keep her head just as cozy and I think this little snow hat was just the thing. I used the tutorial that Elsie shared awhile back, though instead of strings to tie I made a strap and added a cute yellow, vintage button to close.
in her cozy hatin her cozy hat
These three girls sweet faces just make me want to cozy up to them all day long. I want to smother them with kisses (even as True and Brave are at this moment yelling at each other about who gets to sit on what side).
I will keep crocheting today as my girls are demanding snow hats and more bows for themselves and I am loving these bows so much that I want to put a few in the shop.
What are you doing today to be cozy?

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