my babe-iliscious and me

November 24, 2008

I disappeared suddenly for a few days because my Benny, whom I now like to call my babe-iliscious after a strange dream I had, and I journeyed away to La Jolla (near San Diego) to attend a wonderful conference and for some mommy and daddy time (thank God for grandparents!). The conference was refreshing and a good reminder of my priorities… God, Ben, and both my babyCakies (yes, in that order).

It was also nice to stroll around downtown San Diego, hold hands, eat divinely scrumptious food, and sneak kisses in here and there…
At least once a year, every couple definitely needs to have some together time away from their kids. We had so much and fun and it was just nice being together…

I really love my Babe-iliscious!!!

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  • krystin says:

    nice! sounds like you are refreshed and had some good relaxation time. we were also in san diego over the weekend!

  • Aawww, love all your shots of you and your Love! 🙂 Sounds like it was a wonderfully sweet time together!

  • I’m so happy you were able to do that! You two are so great together!! I bet the girls were fine and they will appreciate a mommy and daddy who had some time to themselves!! (grandparents are good at spoiling them too!). I love your photos!!

  • ahhhh….how lovely! Love the photos! 🙂
    We need to do that, too.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  • Becky says:

    very, very true. Good reminder. We haven’t been anywhere by ourselves for a very long time. I think we’re due.

  • Jenn says:

    Hee, love that first pic of you two.

    And you’re so right about how to prioritize your faith and your family. It’s so hard to do things in that order (um, yeah, kids pining for your attention all day!) but I know that my family is so much stronger when we do what’s right.

  • Casey says:

    have you heard of/seen the movie “Fireproof”? With Kirk Cameron? It is a movie about a failing marriage, and how a relationship with Christ saves them. Very good for all married couples to see!

  • Renae says:

    Totally agree–my sister Em calls it the “save the marriage” date.

    “Fireproof” movie was GREAT! Great food for thought about how marriages should work.

  • linnea says:

    Those pictures are so so so so beautiful :o) They were lovely to see! In September I was in the same spots you were with my boyfriend… we did a little clean-up community service in the marina nearby. Good for you & your babe!

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