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July 3, 2011

vh, vt
The girls are such hams. If you meet them, they are actually quite shy, especially that True (it will take her about 30 minutes to warm up to you and get out from hiding behind me), but when they are together at home, they are such riots. Not a shy bone in them at all.
We were about to take pictures of their outfits in our backyard (because I was kinda of stuck for backgrounds that day) and all of sudden True and Brave busted out singing “All the Single Ladies” together. Naturally, our little copycat over here, also known as Soul, had to join in. They are such silly girls and I love them to pieces, though sometimes motherhood can be maddening.
And really, how can you not smile when you see this sweet little face?!! She just makes you melt and want to squeeze and squeeze her and never let go. Even though we have another baby coming soon, Soul will always be a baby to me. She will be the baby and we will have the baby baby.
Then there is Brave’s face in this picture that is just too good and funny not to post. That girl really makes the funniest faces! Lately, she has been insisting on growing out her hair. She keeps telling me she no longer wants to cut. We will see what happens because I think short hair suits her personality perfectly.
I actually wasn’t wearing much vintage that day, except my bag, as it is getting harder to figure out what to wear with this belly. Lately, I have now been in the mood for tunic dresses and so this one I made eons ago fit the bill just right. Oh the changing moods of a hormonal pregnant woman!
Then I have been wearing my glasses because Ben accidentally threw away my years supply of contact lenses that had just came in. Oh me oh my! I finally ordered another supply, but I really hate throwing money away like that. Note to self, do not leave my box of lenses near the trash. Seriously.
I was totally in love with Rachel’s shoes in this outfit and so badly wanted to order it, but I decided that decision wouldn’t have been wise, no matter how much I coveted it. Then one night, baby sister and I were at Urban Outfitters killing some time until meeting my parents and other sister (and bridesmaids) for dinner and I saw these shoes on sale for 20 buckaroos! It was in my size and perfect because I had a gift card, so you betcha I scooped those up for myself right away. I still love the modcloth ones, but these do just fine. I seriously have an addiction to wooden soled, cloggish kinda shoes.
My choice bag for the summer is a vintage straw market bag and I really have the messiest bag ever! Inside are lots of O’s and cracker bits swimming around. I am a toss in and go kind of gal, so my bags are never neat.
on me: dress, made by me. shoes, urban outfitters. bag, vintage via ms. tips.
on true: dress, vintage (thrifted). shoes, soda.
on brave: shirt, misha lulu. skirt, vintage. shoes, saltwaters.
on soul: dress, made by me. cameo clip, made by me (more here). sandals, vintage.
What is your choice bag for the summer? Please do share links of your bag and outfit.
Don’t forget to head “over there” and admire Rachel’s colorful dress (and I happen to just find a little girl one today at a vintage shop and now I am so coveting one for myself too) and the ever adorable Sebastian and Ruby! They are still missing their Brett, so they had a surprise photographer fill in while he is gone.
Happy 4th friends! We have got another “VH, VT” coming up soon (on Tuesday) featuring red, white, and blue (and maybe some pink)…

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