January 17, 2015

#everyoneispissedoff fridayThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

First off, another one of my sister’s post brings me to tears, and it goes against everything our culture tells us. It rebuked my heart in realizing that I am weak and can’t do it all. It’s supposed to be that way, so that in my weakness the power of Christ can work.

Second, Ben’s cousin is co-creator of the new show Bella and the Bulldogs premiering tonight on Nickelodeon, so check it out. It’s about kids at some school in Texas, and the football team is kind of bad, but then the ball happens to get in the hands of one of the cheerleaders. She throws it back to the team, and they realize she’s got a mean arm. Thus, she becomes the quarterback of the football team. We are so proud of Ben’s cousin and can’t wait to watch it!

I’ve always liked this sweater when Nicole Richie teamed up with Piperlime, so I’ve been keeping my eye out at the thrift store for one, and I finally came across one this week. I wear it here, but you can’t tell much about it, but it’s perfectly cropped and cozy! Most of the styles out these days can easily be found at the thrift stores, if you have the patience (and luck), and at a much affordable price!

I really want to make this dangerous looking cake.

I think the girls would have a lot of fun if we made this.

And I want to make this garlic & herb cheese bombs soon too! Maybe today!

Ben’s work has been strike this week (for the whole week). We’ve been anticipating it for a couple months now, so we were ready for it. We are thankful that Ben has a job, and he enjoys his job, but the neglect that Kaiser gives their patients and employees isn’t right.

I want to make a chair like this for my creative space!

Some new things at Jean Jean Vintage have me swooning… this clover ring and this 1860’s garnet ring.

How cute is this 1960’s heart cut out swimsuit. If I didn’t have a tattoo of fire on my belly, I might consider it.

And while blogs are fun, there are more serious (and important) things in life past the internet. To all those affected by the attacks overseas, I’ve been praying for you.



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