October 20, 2012

instagramBaby sister and I, along with some of our friends, survived the zombie apocalypse. It was intense. It was the scariest 3 miles I have ever ran (and screamed) and I would totally do it again. There will be a full post with lots of pictures (Ben runs around, well, walks around fast, trying to find us on the course to snap shots), but if any of you have plans to do the Zombie Run, get excited because it is a whole lot of scary fun!!!

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

We survived! I had such nerves before the race, but it was so much fun and do it again next year!

Zombies are just plain freaky.

Happy to see the adventure the girls had with their Auntie Linda (the BFF) and Uncle John. My girls love them so much!

Glow is getting more adventurous with her walking and is getting more confident in her steps. I hope she doesn’t master it when Ben and I go out of town. I will be so sad if I miss it!

Soul requires more patience and I am having a tough time with her of late. Oh man.

True and Brave are such sponges and it is amazing to see them learn. As hard as it is to be their teacher, it is also very rewarding.

This post about busyness helped me re-evaluate my life and time. I need to work on my prioritizing. I suck at it.

These images are so beautiful and inspiring. I want to see Fall in Colorado!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chess Pie?! Yes, please!

Peanut Butter Balls?! Um, yeah!

Thankful that I can confess my shortcomings to close friends and have them encourage me on how to love God (and my children) more.

Thankful for my parents who babysat the girls so I could run the Zombie Run.

Praise the Lord we paid off two school loans and have one more left to go! Almost debt free… hooray!

Thankful for my girls. Yes, they drive me nuts, but I love them so much!

I can’t wait to go through the Zombie Run pictures and share it. I’m still on such an adrenaline from all the fun I had today!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

2 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Congratulations on the fun run and the school loans being paid off! I hope to finish off our last one soon too! seems like it will take forever, doesn’t it?? That is great that your parents watched your darling kids for you too!

  • That run sounds quite bizarre, but fun. Maybe? 🙂

    My husband and I were married in San Francisco. Love that place, but sadly, don’t really have many recommendations for you as I haven’t lived in the area for many years. Born and raised in the Bay Area and love it, though. Hold on– I do have one recommendation– Hayes Valley– make sure you go there– it’s just a little section of the city– but filled to the brim with great things. A macaroon shop for one 🙂 This is a very old post, but I wrote about it here:

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