July 1, 2011

party leftovers
I am so tired today, but it was all worth it as I had lots of fun last night!
Imagine… eight bloggers together and eight home baked cakes, what do you get?! A sugar overload and a ton of pictures! That’s right we had ourselves a Cake Party! Once I get a few projects done, my house back in working order, and maybe sew myself a dress, I (and the others) will for sure be sharing some pictures.
Ben is working from home today and I have things to do, the girls are next to me watching She-Ra and we will most definitely be enjoying this long July 4th weekend. Food, food, and more food is definitely in store for us these next few days.
Links and learns this week…
– Soul now knows how to navigate up and down the stairs. We still watch her closely though.
– Soul’s new words… sister, shoes (yes, really!) and True.
– Our friends, Melody and Taylor (he also pens a witty blog here), have made the cutest save-the-date video. Seriously adorable! You must watch it!
– One of my fave etsy shop and sponsors has just opened up a brand new etsy shop for the wee ones. Visit Little Ms. Tips now!
The list is a bit short this week cause my brain is still a bit sleepy. Well, stateside or not, enjoy this happy weekend friends!!!
p.s. next week I will be having some good giveaways from all my newest sponsors… check them all out!

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