some loot

June 30, 2011

Danni and I are having a little get together tomorrow, so I headed out to the thrift today to find some things we need. While none of the below are what I was looking for, they still did come home with me. I got a vintage bed sheet and some much needed vintage cloth napkins because when we have had guests over for dinner, we never have napkins to give them and just use paper towels which is such a waste. These napkins will definitely be put to good use and I will soon be sewing some of my own too.
I also did a little dance when I found two cute crocheted afghans. I love those too much! One is being contemplated for a gift, but seeing the delicious color is making me think I can’t part with it. The other one is for sure mine (or my girls cause they like to fight over those granny blankies too!). My granny crocheted afghan collection is growing!
some goodsvintage crocheted blanketssoulie and crocheted blanket
Anytime I come home from the thrift, everything immediately gets thrown into the wash so they can be enjoyed asap. It is pretty crazy going out thrifting with the three girls and just me, but it is nice to get out of the house. As long as I am kinda quick and they are well fed, things go much smoother. Oh! It helps to promise them their own vintage goodies in the form of books and all is well. Thankfully.
Tomorrow will be a full and busy day, but we have something super fun planned in the evening. I will definitely be taking (and sharing) lots of pictures…

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