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March 18, 2009

Peanut butter & jelly, with a teaspoon of condense milk, on a pretty plate, makes for a very nice lunch…
peanut butter on a pretty plate
For dinner, I wanted a western bacon cheeseburger, minus all the fat, so I set off to make us some healthified onion rings. Sliced onions, dipped in egg whites, rolled in Panko italian breadcrumbs, stuck in the oven for 20 minutes makes yummy, healthy onion rings…
baked onion rings
I am pretty happy with the way they turned out, but wish the breading stuck more. Anyone made healthified onion rings before? Any tips? I am definitely going to work on perfecting this recipe because I love onion rings, but do not want to deal with all the fat that regular onion rings so generously give. 
We made some sirloin burgers, which are lower in fat than regular meat, stuck in my healthified onion rings, soy bacon (yes, soy tastes darn close!), spinach, cheese, and can’t forget the barbecue sauce and thus enjoyed a much heart happy version of the western bacon cheeseburger. My body and tummy thanks me!
For those of you bothered by the idea of soy bacon… really, it tastes good, just make sure it is extra crispy and you’ll never know the difference!

15 comments on “my lunch and dinner”

  • Mary says:

    For your onion rings, dip them in flour before the egg whites, then the panko. That should work better.

  • krystin says:

    mmmmm this looks so good! i needed a dinner idea for tonight, and i think i just got it! thanks! 🙂

  • sharyl says:

    Mmmmm, those onion rings look delish! i should try them sometime. And I think dipping them in flour first (then eggs, then panko) would make the batter stick better. Someone also said to let the onions rest for about 5 minutes before putting in the oven. Hope these help!

  • Macy Dawn says:

    Mmmmm….I have never thought to put condensed milk with my PB&j. I am going to test out this delicious-ness.

  • Rebekah says:

    yum those look incredible and yay to soy!!

  • Stacey says:

    looks delicious, pretty plate, too 🙂

  • sarasophia says:

    We use turkey bacon and everyone laughs…..but, grilled with a bit of olive oil—its so much healthier and every bit as good as the piglet version:)

    Yay for healthiness—and onion rings. I am definitely trying those out ASAP.

    <3 sarasophia

  • nathalie says:

    yumm yumm!!!!!! just saw true’s drawing by thalita!!! sooooo freaking cute!!!! you will cherish it forever! onion rings are sooo good. but they make my bbooty look huge….lol!!!!

  • melindakimbo says:

    I’m hungry! 🙁

  • jOi-C says:

    peanut butter & jelly with condensed milk??? hmmm sounds like a scary combo but now i'm gonna have to try it…how is it with sunbutter (sunflower butter)?

  • mrs.deane says:

    I’ve never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a bit of condensed milk added on. Does the condensed milk act like balsamic vinegar does with strawberries? Bringing out the flavor to intense perfection? Or what? I will have to try this out.

    And I just don’t like soy bacon. Not crispy soy bacon. Not soft soy bacon. I’ve tried it and I just don’t like it. But I love other soy things. Like soy sauce and soy beans :O) And an assortment of other soy products. I don’t like when products are made to be something they are not. Leave the bacon production to the pig. Incidentally, pigs do not make good soy products either. Ha ha.

    But, I am glad that you are able to indulge your fantasies of bacon cheeseburger deliciousness.

    Love, Susan

  • Becky says:

    sweetened condensed milk and PB&J, sounds interesting.

    I find that if you dip anything in flour first, then egg whites and then bread crumbs it stays pretty good.

  • Hi there :o) What a great idea with the condensed milk.. it sounds yummy. I even tried making your healthy onion rings the other day… with healthy baked sweet potato wedges. Who needs real fast food anyways?! Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  • I am in love with turkey burgers… they are actually moister (is that a word?) than beef and not so heavy. And let us know if you find an onion ring recipe… I love them too but I always avoid them because I don’t like frying!

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