exploring singapore: marina bay sands hotel

October 14, 2014

singaporesingaporesingaporesingaporesingaporesingaporesingaporesingaporesingaporesingaporesingaporesingaporesingaporeThe Marina Bay Sands Hotel deserves its own post. It’s an impressive building and currently the most expensive in the world. You get near it and your jaw drops at how expansive it is. There are three (tall!) towers and what looks like a ship on the top. On our last day, Ben, Abby, and I ventured all the way up. When I say venture, it means we paid a nice fee to have an elevator quickly take us to their Sky Park.

Once you get to the top, you have to pause to catch your breath, especially if you’re afraid of heights. You’re just in awe of the gorgeous view and how extremely high up you are. Then you get close to the glass ledge, and you get a little freaked out when you look down. If your imagination starts going wild, like mine was, you slowly inch your way back to the center. Ben couldn’t even get himself to the ledge, and I needed to coax him for the pictures. We planned our trip to the top right around sunset, so we could we enjoy our last evening in Singapore by having a bird’s eye view of this special country. The view was absolutely breathtaking and it was the best way to spend our last evening there. We didn’t ride the Singapore Flyer in favor of spending our money to go to the top of the MBS, and I’m glad we made that decision.

One thing we really wanted to do was to go to the infinity pool of the hotel, but you have to be a guest at the hotel to go. We looked up what one night might be, and yeah… not in the budget. We didn’t want to go that badly.

The hotel also puts on an impressive light show in the evenings. While we were on the Sky Park deck, people were just waiting on the around for it. I’m sure the view from the top would have been beautiful, but we wanted to spend our last few hours in the city eating, so we skipped out watching the light show. Plus, we already saw it a few days prior from the Esplanade Plaza. I’m sure the view from the top was better, but we were still awed by the spectacular light show from where we were.

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  • Kaori says:

    What an amazing view! It’s silly but I had no idea how green Singapore was…I guess I’ve always had this image of beautiful tall buildings jammed together. Those photos of the view below make me feel like Gulliver! ;D

  • Cait says:

    Wow, it’s so beautiful! These pictures and your other descriptions of Singapore make me think it’s a lot like Dubai. An amazing, cultural, ethnically diverse, modern city. I’m surprised that the building/hotel is more expensive than some of the ones in Dubai though! They really try to have those distinctions – haha.

    • Rubyellen says:

      I would love to visit Dubai. It looks beautiful there. It is probably slightly similar to Singapore, in that Singapore is constantly creating more space by dumping sand into the water and building on top of it. I understand Dubai does the same, is that right?

  • Emma says:

    I just got back from Singapore and remembered all of your advice while I was there! I decided to spend my dollars to ride the Singapore Flyer rather than go to the top of the hotel, which I’m sure would have been a more complete view but the Flyer was fun too. After the flyer I wandered over to the Gardens (so so so beautiful and huge!) and realized that for only 10 Singapore Dollars you can go to the top of one of those cool eco trees and it includes a free drink + view of the gardens and city. While it wasn’t as high as the other options, I would suggest this to anyone who wants a great view for as little money as possible.
    In terms of the food, I just couldn’t get enough! I loved the Indian food from Little India as well as treated myself to a few more upscale restaurants near the Chinatown area (I was on my own so it wasn’t as expensive to eat at nicer places.) But my favorite was the authentic Singaporean Chicken Rice from a little street side shop– doesn’t get better than eating local food at a locally-owned place!

    • Rubyellen says:

      I wanted to do the flyer, but Ben didn’t like the idea of being stuck in a glass cage for 30 minutes. Our compromise was the hotel view. 😉

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it and was able to use some of my suggestions!

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