a baby sprinkle

June 24, 2014

nina baby sprinklenina baby sprinklenina baby sprinklenina baby sprinklenina baby sprinklenina baby sprinklenina baby sprinklenina baby sprinkleMy friend Owen and I threw our friend Nina a baby “sprinkle.” She didn’t need a baby shower, since she already has one boy (and is having another), so we called it a “sprinkle.” Guests came bearing gifts of diapers and wipes. We held the “shower” at the Oh, Hello Friend shop (before opening hours) and it was a light brunch. We also asked guests to bring a bouquet of flowers, and we had all the supplies needed so that guests could make flower crowns. Mine turned out crazy, but some of the other girls were pretty serious about this crown making business, and made really good ones. There was a plethora of breakfast desserts, mimosas, and girly chatting; it was a fun couple hours of celebrating our friend and her new baby.

It was also the day Soul and I had a special date, so that’s why you don’t see any of my others girls in the pictures. They stayed home with Ben that day.

5 comments on “a baby sprinkle”

  • julie :) says:

    This post just started my day out with a big smile! What a fun and sweet idea! I love your creativity!

  • nikki says:

    what a great idea! those flower crowns are too cute!



  • misha lulu says:

    SO CUTE!!!

  • Cat says:

    These photos are precious! I love the food spread, it looks so professional. The flower crowns are such a playful, sweet way to celebrate.

  • Heather says:

    Perfect Ruby! I love the idea of baby sprinkle. Still being able to celebrate pregancy and new life without going overboard with things. So happy for your trip and your trip to Singapore. I didn’t know Ben was going. Our best to both of you. Have an amazing and rejuvenating time. Don’t work to hard. 🙂

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